Let the Sun Power Your Home.


Let the Sun Power Your Home

Impact the Environment

Switching to solar will, without question, positively impact the environment. For most homeowners, making the switch is the equivalent of eliminating the carbon emissions from a car that drives 18,000 miles a year.

Lower Your Electric Bill

You will experience a lower electric bill from the very first day you make the switch. With utility rates scheduled to go up year-over-year, it is time to experience the money-saving investment that is solar.

Increase Your Home’s Value

When your solar panel system is installed on your home, it instantly adds value.  Not only does the price of your home go up by at least the price of your system, but homes with systems installed sell much faster than those without it.

Gain Energy Independence

With the pairing of a battery backup system you can gain full independence from the grid. You will both be protected from the upcoming rate hikes and you’ll also be protected when the power goes out.

At our upcoming Electrum Home Energy Show you will have access to the leading online solar marketplace in America; Pick My Solar. Their advisors will be in attendance to discuss your options, help you understand the process of making the switch, and break down the massive savings you will experience by going solar. For those interested, they will also be analyzing electric bills so you can see your personalized savings.

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