It’s Time to Gain Energy Independence.


It’s Time to Gain Energy Independence.

Backup Power

When the grid fails and people lose power, you won’t. A home solar battery gives you your own micro-grid so your home will never go dark. Your home will operate around the clock regardless of the status of your local grid.

Total Energy Independence

Use the energy your solar panels produce during the day and power your home with the energy stored by your home solar battery at night. You’ll be powered by 100% renewable energy and you’ll never have to rely on the grid again.

Maximize Your ROI

A battery can help you maximize the ROI of your system by allowing you to consume your energy when utility electricity rates are high and the sun isn’t shining. Use the energy your battery stored when grid costs are at the highest rates.


Battery incentives are rolling out all throughout the country, making it even more attractive to own your energy. For example, California’s Self Generation Incentive Program offers $2,000 – $8,000 in rebates to install a home energy storage system.

At our upcoming Electrum Home Energy Show you will learn about the leading battery manufacturers in the industry: sonnenBatterie, Tesla, and LG. Speak to vendors, learn more about how batteries work, and understand the steps to fully utilize the benefits of home energy storage.

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